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Thank you for visiting Energy & Fuel.

  • Energy & Fuel is a methanol fuel cell system development company founded in 2016. It is based on methanol-based fuel cell system and chemical product research and development. We are providing reliable solutions for our customers through development of environmentally friendly fuel cell system and development of chemical substances.
    Energy and Fuel will lead an era in the era of hydrogen energy, a new energy age. As a total chemical research and development company, we will have a system that can solve customer's needs quickly.
    Energy & Fuel is currently developing a 1 kW fuel cell system. We will be a pioneer in the wide range of fuel cell market for household, building and industrial use through development of products such as 5 kW and 20 kW in the future.
    We will become a leading company for the next generation energy age.

    Thank you.

    Hyunchan Lee, CEO of Energy & Fuel Co., Ltd.